Simple personal and business payment solution

Simple way to organize and manage transaction.

It's about making payments easy

easy way to manage financial transactions.

Any type of user to user money transaction

Merchant Payment (multiple POS)

Online Payment (e-commerce through API)

Our products are cloud based and no hassle of IT infrastructure for your business

We are working towards providing our applications across all devices. We create our products users in mind, and try to make it simple and intuitive for our users and clients. Creativity, simplicity and quality of service are our main focus in building products.

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Payiio is more than just a product, it's a way of thinking.

  • Password protection & security
  • Reports and analytics
  • User management
  • POS management
  • Intuitive interface and dashboard

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We have just launched our web version, and soon we will bring you the android and ios app version.

Supercharge your Productivity

With an online dashboard and a mobile app, you'll have full control of your account and see your usage in real-time. Even more convenient!

Get Notified:

Create your business page and receive payments.

Data Management:

User friendly interface and tools to manage transaction reporting.


Analytics to better and efficiently manage POS.